IRONFIST - Sexorcised in semen​-​Bukkakke Whorerriors Ride out


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SCP-R 002
IRONFIST: Black/Thrash/Heavy Metal from SINGAPORE

Limited to 100 handnumbered copies / SOLDOUT
Pressed on pro-cdr with 7'ep cover jacket and lyric sheet


SEXORCISED IN SEMEN- Bukkakke Whorerriors Ride out

My warriors steadfast ready, flesh swords armed in your hands
The fallen one is now bound, her knees are on the ground
Her gaping mouth is pleading whispers desperate mercy
Coldblooded savage wicked forgive not the enemy!

Sexorcised(x3) in Semen!
Raptors (x3) Horny Demons!
Sexorcised(x3) in Semen!
Warriors(x3)Bukkakke Legion!

One by one we spray her, whitewash humiliate her
She struggles to break free, her breasts cuts through the wires
Oh maiden scream out loud, your cries fuel our lust
Phalluses choke your whimpers, engulfed in blood and rust

And the warriors ride out…and lay waste all their places of false worship..
And enslave the women of the enemy and force them to do their bidding…
For these holy fundamentalist pigs will realize that
Their women will be baptized again in piss and their unclean souls sexorcised…
In fucking semen..


released June 25, 2016



all rights reserved